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Why havent there been any updates / fixes lately

27 August. 2017

  • clearing files in this repo, see post under for where to get newest
  • will also start doing releases on exprimental grid, so I dont break to much for users

15 Januar. 2017:

Its not dead 😄 Been working on new version of my grid, it have its own repo atm at my original repo where I started.

Please contact me in gitter channel if you want to try the new one.

Im doing a lot of breaking changes, so just be aware of this if you are considering using it. When I have something very stable I can call version 1.0 I will move it over here and retire/own branch for the exsisting grid.

Reasons for rebuild:

  • wanted grouping
  • wanted locked columns
  • some parts was to messy, and Ive learned some new tricks I wanted to use/try (still learing)

old docs/demo(only look at there if you are using old version)


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