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My vim configs


cd ~
git clone git:// ~/.vim
brew bundle install
git sumbmodule init
git submodule update
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc .vimrc

Some mappings in vimrc are MacOS specific.

Arrows are disabled in NORMAL mode

Stuff I should use more often

  • leader is

  • ## in cmd adds current path

  • text object selection and vim-surround

  • cmd-cr toggles fullscreen (in mvim, same shortcut as in iTerm2)

  • :set (no)list ( l) #=> hides/shows tabs and enters

  • A goes to end of line and changes to INSERT mode

  • o INSERT mode on next line

  • $/^0 end of line / beggining of line, same as H/L

  • paste on next line p

  • Ctrl-o / Ctrl-i for jumps in NORMAL mode

  • Ctrl-o to run 1 command in INSERT mode

  • Ctrl-h / Ctrl-l moves cursor left/right in INSERT mode

  • Ctrl-r " paste yanked text in command

  • fast vertical resize window ,<.>

Netrw - File Explorer vimcast

:vsp . #=> vertical split in cwd

:Vex . #=> vertical split in file folder

New file: %

New folder: d

o enter file/folder in horizontal split v enter file/folder in vertical split t enter file/folder in new tab

Working with qucikfix window

  • :copen
  • :ccl close (mapped to <leader-c>)
  • :cn goes to next error

Working with splits

  • ctrl + w _ maxout height of current split
  • ctrl + w | maxout width of current split
  • ctlr + w = normalize size
  • ctlr + w o closes all windows but current one
  • ctrl + w T move split to own tab


F9 mapped to :Dispatch
:Focus bundle exec rspec " changes Focus to command
:Dispatch bundle exec rake db:migrate


; mapped to :Files in normal mode
<c-t> Open selected file in a new 'tab' after the last tabpage.
<c-x> Open selected file in a split.
<c-v> Open selected file in a vsplit.

:Ack stuf


    o    to open (same as enter)
    go   to preview file (open but maintain focus on ack.vim results)
    t    to open in new tab
    T    to open in new tab silently
    v    to open in vertical split
    gv   to open in vertical split silently
    q    to close the quickfix window