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The website

Since 2002, is the main portal for sed information and community scripts. Created and maintained by Aurelio Jargas.

Please contribute adding links, fixing broken links and updating information. You can do it by opening an issue ticket or even better, submitting a pull request.


The site's main page is a valid sed script file (index.sed) that's converted to HTML by another sed script (index2html.sed). The resulting index.html file, when rendered by the browser, is also a valid sed script.


To update the index.html file:

sed -f index2html.sed index.sed > index.html

To update the HTML version of the generator script:

./ index2html.sed

To update the HTML version of some local script:

./ local/scripts/foo.sed

To include a new script in the repository:

  1. Add the text line to index.sed, mentioning the script and the author
  2. Add the script original URL to index2html.sed
  3. Add the original script file to the local/scripts (or local/games) folder
  4. Convert the original script to HTML using
  5. Update index.html and index2html.sed.html files (see instructions above)