Sokoban game implemented in sed
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Sokoban game implemented in sed

by Aurelio Jargas, 2003, 2004

The classic Sokoban game implemented in sed, the UNIX stream editor.


Download the sokoban.sed file and run:

$ sed -nf sokoban.sed

You need to press Enter twice. First to execute the command, then to feed sed with an input line. The main menu will appear:

$ sed -nf sokoban.sed

Welcome to the SED Sokoban

Please select a level to begin [1-90]:

Now just type 1 for the first level, followed by an Enter.

Use the arrow keys or j h k l to move around. Remember to always press Enter after any movement, since sed is a line oriented editor. For example, to move up-left-left you must type: , Enter, , Enter, , Enter.

It's cool because it's in sed. Don't expect an amazing gameplay :)