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txt2regex changelog
v0.9 beta (unreleased):
- Added new tests for JavaScript
- Improved --help message
- Fixed eval bug when running in bash3 or newer
- Added Catalan translations provided by Carles (ChAoS)
<chaos ct (a) gmail com>
- Added French translations provided by wwp
<subscript (a) free fr>
2004-09-28 v0.8:
- Added regexes support
- Documentation updated: cleaner README and new Man page
- Fixed bash version test, now works on bash-3.0 and newer
(tks Rene Engelhard @ Debian)
- Fixed sed script bug on procmail-re-test (tks JulioB @ caltech>
- Added Romanian translations provided by Robert Claudiu Gheorghe
<RobertGheorghe2004 (a) yahoo ca>
- Added Spanish translations provided by Diego Moya Velázquez
<diego moya (a) madrid com>
- Added Italian translations provided by Daniele Pizzolli and
revised by Marco Pagnanini
<ors (a) tovel it> and <info (a) marcopagnanini it>
2002-03-04 v0.7:
- Fixed Makefile bug on DESTDIR (tks Martin Butterwecki @ Debian)
- Added man page and "Really quit?" message (Martin request again)
- Added --version option (it's classic, so...)
- Added Japanese translations provided by Hajime Dei
- Ready-to-use common regexes (date, hour, number) with --make
- Added --prog option to choose which programs to use
- Groups are now quantifiable
2001-09-05 v0.6:
- Added (group|and|alternation) support
- Added groups balance check -> (((3)))
- Option --history improved and sync'ed with all features
- Added MySQL regexes support
- Added German translations provided by Jan Parthey
<parthey (a) web de>
2001-08-28 v0.5:
- New command line options: --showmeta, --showinfo
2001-08-02 v0.4:
- Updated Polish translations
- Added Postgres, javascript, VBscript and procmail regexes support
- Test-suite improved and included on the tarball
- New procmail-re-test utility for procmail cmdline regex test
2001-06-26 v0.3.1:
- Updated Indonesian and Polish translations
- Took out seq command (not bash), and substituted by the new sek()
function. Pretty cool, just 2 lines.
And so, last release was NOT 100% bash, /me <- Luser
but now it is. I think. &:)
2001-06-13 v0.3:
- Support to localized POSIX character classes [[:abc:]]
- Support to special user combinations inside lists []
- A friendly --help output
- New command line option: --whitebg
- Final human sentence improved with more detailed data
- Added Polish translations provided by Chris Piechowicz
<chris_piechowicz (a) hotmail com>
- Took out clear and stty commands, because they were not bash
now we have a 100% bash builtins script!
2001-04-24 v0.2:
- New command line options: --nocolor, --history
- A new dynamic history for user input: .oO(history)(¤user_input1¤userinput2¤...)
- Added Indonesian (Bahasa) translations provided by Muhamad Faizal
<faizal (a) mfaizal net>
2001-02-23 v0.1:
- Initial release (as txt2regexp)