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Locomotive CMS

Locomotive is a simple but powerful CMS based on liquid templates and mongodb database. At my company (NoCoffee), we use it for our clients when they request a simple website.

If we have to give only 5 main features to describe our application, there will be:

  • managing as many websites as you want with one application instance
  • nice looking UI (see for some screenshots)
  • flexible content types
  • playing smoothly with Heroku and MongoHQ
  • inline editing (beta)

Strategy / Development status

We already developed a fully functional prototype in Rails 2.3.2 with both active record / mongomapper and it worked quite well. We are even using it for some client websites.
Now, our goal is to port our prototype to Rails 3 and migrate from mongomapper to mongoid. Besides, we put a lot of efforts to make it as robust as we can by writing better specs than we wrote for the prototype at first.


Here is a short list of main gems used in the application.

  • Rails 3.0
  • Mongoid 2.0.0.beta 17 (with MongoDB 1.6)
  • Liquid
  • Devise
  • Carrierwave
  • Haml
  • Delayed job


See the official website



Rodrigo Alvarez for his plugin named Congo which gave us a good starting point and for his availability for (very late) tech discussions.

Emmanuel Grard designed the awesome locomotive illustration in the landing page.


Feel free to contact me at didier at nocoffee dot fr.

Copyright © 2010 NoCoffee, released under the MIT license