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#####Geo-based News: whereever you go, whereever you are

####Aarhus 2014 | Media Hack Days

####Team Members

####Demo Links

  1. Mockups here
  2. Presentation here
  3. Webapp test here
  4. Android app code here (and in this repo)
  5. Download the Android App here

####Concept GeoNewsies is an application that aggregates simple and relevant media for a country, on both standard news and social news tracks. It's designed to inform travelers on the current and qualitative media relevant to their country of destination.

Some goals include:

  • provide a simple link list of top media for a place
  • ability to search for a country (currently, we're testing with one, but we'd like to scale)
  • 2 tracks: mainstream media links + social media links

####Purpose We built this because currently, travel-related resources focus on logistics (currency, language, weather) and general information for destinations; but we wanted to explore qualitative cultural context on a country- by-country basis.

This service will give the user a sense of what's going on in the country they visit, prior to and throughout a travel experience. It pulls standard news media headlines and dates from the Guardian API relative to a country (Most Viewed and Editor's Picks articles from the last 24hours), and the pulls twitter information from that countries' geolocation.

WebView Link

####What's with the name? Geo =

Geo Definition

Newsies =

Newsie definition

####Prospects Since most travel applications focus on quantitative comparisons between nations (population counts, census information), we're interested in exploring the qualitative information that GeoNewsies could give about geopolitical idioms and cross-cultural conversation. We'd like to build out an automated analytics to generate comparison graphs showing the media and social topic traffic in certain countries.

In the future, we'd like like to support additional countries and translations as this is a travel app, fix all existing bugs in the webapp. We'd also like to weld a few different feeds together twitter + other social media, adding additional papers both from the news media hubs and from more local papers. We're interested in supporting locations more granular than country as well.

####Resources All other notes and information via this hackpad.
Check the mockups here.


[project] application to display country-specific mainstream and social media top-10



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