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z2csl - Zotero to CSL extension and mappings

This is a Zotero extension which creates up-to-date mappings from Zotero to CSL. Moreover, the current version of the mappings is hosted at 👉 👈 .


The mappings are in xml format and work with typeMap.xsl and typeMap.css files to create a human-readable page.

XML Format

The typeMap.xml has several top-level nodes: Some metadata about the generation is saved in zoteroVersion and date; zTypes list the fields for each Zotero type; the actual mapping between Zotero fields and CSL fields is saved in cslFieldMap and cslCreaterMap with additions from citeProcJStoCSLmap; and cslVars lists all CSL variables with descriptions.


This Zotero extension adds an option to the Zotero Actions (gear) menu to export item and field mappings from Zotero to Citation Style Language (CSL).

z2csl Extension