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This repository contains the data and scripts used at the Essentia Documentation Portal. What is Essentia? It is a general pupose but very power text processing engine. It provides ETL tools, an in-memory map/reduce style database, and file management/accounting. If you use it on Amazon Web Services (AWS), all of the tools can be scaled to handle massive workloads.

For more information, please visit the Essentia Home Page.

Description of files

  1. tutorials contains all of the raw data and scripts used in the tutorials.
  2. casestudies contains the data and scripts for the 'Examples / Local Datastore' area of the documentation.
  3. shellscripts contains tests and examples of Essentia commands that work with open datasets stored on a public S3 bucket.
  4. aws contains the scripts used when demonstrating how Essentia scales on the cloud. The data associated with these are too large to distribute, so we have made available a public S3 bucket that stores the data.