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CJPath is a browser-based visualization tool of customer journey behavior. It processes data with "essentia" that works with in-memory database on server.

Demo Packages

CJPath needs a dedicated environment since it processes data with in-memory database. For demo, we provide some packages.

  • Docker Version :

    Setup instruction

  • AWS AMI Image :

    • AMI name of latest version : "CJPath GUI beta 2"

    • Steps to start :

      1. Launch instance more than 2Gb as t2.small based on the AMI image.

      2. After launch, access http://your.ip via browser.

    • This AMI already have cjpath docker image and a container is already started. (ready-to-use version of docker version)

    • This is the easiest way, but cost a little. It's good if you do not want to install docker into your machine.



  • essentia v3.2

  • LAMP environment

    • PHP 5.6

    • MySQL Ver 14

Structure of This Repository

Directory Language What it does
ess essentia Core engine of this application. It loads customer journey data into in-memory database and calculate/query based on the request from "api".
api php,mysql Server-side scripts. It translates requests from client side into essentia commands, run it, format it, and pass it to client side back.
app javascript Client-side scripts. Visualize results from essentia. Build (uglified) of src/app.
src/app javascript Source code of "app" directory.

Steps To Start Customization

Since it requires "essentia", you need to start from either of

  • [recommended] pull/launch "demo packages" (Docker/AMI) above.

  • download free version of essentia from here and deploy everything from scratch.

Start With Docker Version

  1. Pull demo package from dockerhub

  2. Run container

  3. Enter container and go to /var/www/html/cjpath directory.

Start With AWS AMI Version

  1. Launch instance from demo AMI image (CJPath GUI beta)

  2. Enter the already running container as docker exec -ti cjpath /bin/bash

  3. Go to /var/www/html/cjpath directory.

Start From Scratch

  1. Get free version of essentia from here

  2. Pull this repository and put it under apache document root.

  3. Change owner of ess directory to apache.

  4. Run sudo yum install -y bc to install bc command.

  5. Load CVPathSettings database into mysql as mysql -u root -p$PASSWD < api/mysql-CVPathSettings-default.sql


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