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Little tweaking to Abandonment
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Aurora Small tweaking to the Abandoning Parcel parts
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runprebuild.command Minor cleanups in terrain and groups. Improved linux prebuild script
tc-autobuild.bat Update prebuild files. Should compile under linux again. Add the LINUX compilation def for TC builds.


The Aurora Development Team is proud to present the release of Aurora virtual world server.

The Aurora server is an OpenSim derived project with heavy emphasis on supporting all users, increased technology focus, heavy emphasis on working with other developers, whether it be viewer based developers or server based developers, and a set of features around stability and simplified usability for users.

Compiling Aurora

To compile Aurora, look at the Compiling.txt in the AuroraDocs folder for more information


To see how to configure Aurora, look at "Setting up Aurora.txt" in the AuroraDocs folder for more information

Router issues

If you are having issues logging into your simulator, take a look at in the Router Configuration section for more information on ways to resolve this issue.

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