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Breaking Changes - Upcoming Update #203

swdriessen opened this issue Mar 1, 2019 · 3 comments


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commented Mar 1, 2019

Breaking Changes in Upcoming Update

For the upcoming update some changes are required for some elements to work properly.

Updated Statistic Names

The statistic names will all be lowercase to avoid confusion. Also, use the new replace method ({{statistic name}}) to inject a statistic value in the sheet descriptions and the new action and usage attributes (see details below). This change also applies to the name-format setter in races and magic items. Old replace methods will be removed.

If you're interested you can view this pull request to see all kinds of changes to the files with the upcoming update.

Where possible the builder will convert the previous statistics name in a statistic rule to the new name in an attempt to allow some unchanged content to be loaded correct. For example: a rule that references the Strength Saving Throw Misc will be convert to the new strength:save:misc. It will not update the statistic name in the file itself.


(applies to all abilities, 1 example given)

Previous New
Strength strength
Strength Modifier strength:modifier
Strength Maximum strength:max
Strength Score Set strength:score:set
{{only replace usage}} strength:score

Saving Throws

(applies to all saves, 1 example given)

Previous New
Strength Saving Throw Proficiency strength:save:proficiency
Strength Saving Throw Misc strength:save:misc


(applies to all skills, 1 example given)

Previous New
Acrobatics Proficiency acrobatics:proficiency
Acrobatics Misc acrobatics:misc
Acrobatics Passive acrobatics:passive

Innate Speed (Races)

Speeds with a racial origin now have an innate speed statistics.

Previous New
Speed innate speed
speed:climb innate speed:climb
speed:fly innate speed:fly
speed:swim innate speed:swim
speed:burrow innate speed:burrow

Use innate speed:misc for features such as the monk's unarmored movement that affect all innate speeds

Previous New
--- innate speed:misc
--- innate speed:climb:misc
--- innate speed:fly:misc
--- innate speed:swim:misc
--- innate speed:burrow:misc

Internally the innate speeds are put together and populate the normal speed statistics with a base stacking bonus use innate speed:calculation to get this value if needed

Use the speed:misc for any additional increases to speeds

Previous New
--- speed:misc
--- speed:climb:misc
--- speed:fly:misc
--- speed:swim:misc
--- speed:burrow:misc

When you get a swimming speed equal to your walking speed you can still use a statistic such as this one using base as the stacking bonus.

<stat name="speed:swim" value="speed" bonus="base" />

Miscellaneous Stats

Various statistics.

Previous New
Proficiency proficiency
Proficiency Half proficiency:half
Proficiency Half Rounded Down proficiency:half
Proficiency Half Rounded Up proficiency:half:up
--- ---
Initiative initiative
--- initiative:misc

Armor Class Caluclation

When adding a bonus to Armor Class that isn't part of the armor calculation or shield you can add it to ac:misc so it can be listed on the sheet as additional increases.

Previous New
AC ac:misc
--- ac:shield
--- ac:calculation

Example of ac calculation for Draconic Resilience

<stat name="ac:draconic resilience" value="13" />
<stat name="ac:draconic resilience" value="dexterity:modifier" />
<stat name="ac:calculation" value="ac:draconic resilience" bonus="calculation" equipped="[armor:none]" alt="Draconic Resilience (Sorcerer)" />


The base of 10 is no longer included by the builder for the armor, use the total armor bonus from the armor instead (see any of the updated armors)

Previous New
AC ac:armored:armor
--- ac:armored:enhancement
--- ac:armored:misc

Example for Plate

<stat name="ac:armored:armor" value="18" />


When not wearing armor the internal Unarmored calculation (10 + Dexterity Modifier) is used.

Additional action & usage attributes for sheet descriptions

You can set action and usage attributes if you want to make it easier to glace at features and determine their usage. They can also be used on the description node for different action/usage based on level.

<sheet action="Bonus Action" usage="1/Short Rest">
	<description>You can magically teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space you can see.</description>

When using the style formatting sheet the description will be displayed like this for the fey step element:
Fey Step (Bonus Action - 1/Short Rest). You can magically teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space you can see.

@swdriessen swdriessen pinned this issue Mar 1, 2019


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commented Mar 1, 2019

hm... are you sure it's a good idea to use bold font for action and usage attributes, and also putting it in the same sentence with name of the feature?


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Member Author

commented Mar 1, 2019

I found it's helpful at a glace when it stands out if you're looking for say... a reaction. Also, i can always create a setting to change preference how it's presented.



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commented Mar 2, 2019

Yeah, I would like it more if it wasn't in bold or maybe separated from feature name somehow. I like that "(Channel Divinity)", so it's easier to understand from what feature this ability comes from. But for action type and uses. i don't think it's needed to be in bold and right after name of the feature/ability. IMHO.

@swdriessen swdriessen unpinned this issue Mar 11, 2019

@swdriessen swdriessen closed this Apr 13, 2019

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