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Aurora Extensions

Aurora Extensions is an open-source initiative focused on building reliable Magento extensions.


  1. googlecloudstorage googlecloudstorage Public

    Use Google Cloud Storage with Magento.

    PHP 15 8

  2. modulecomponents modulecomponents Public

    Reusable components for Magento modules.

    PHP 1 2

  3. simpleredirects simpleredirects Public

    Flexible URL redirect management for Magento.

    PHP 6 1

  4. simplereturns simplereturns Public

    Self-service RMA for Magento.

    PHP 22 10

  5. stackdriver stackdriver Public

    Integrate Google Stackdriver with Magento.

    PHP 4 2

  6. vendors vendors Public

    Magento extension vendors directory.

    CSS 2 6


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