Google Cloud PHP autoloader for Magento 1.9.
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Google Cloud PHP Autoloader

Autoload Google Cloud PHP classes for use with Magento 1.9.

By default, only google/cloud-core and its dependencies are installed. If you're using this module with magegcs, make the following updates to the composer.json file and run composer update:

"require": {
  "php": ">=5.5",
  "mnsami/composer-custom-directory-installer": "1.1.*",
  "google/cloud-core": "~1.23",
  "google/cloud-storage": "~1.9"
"extra": {
  "installer-paths": {
    "./google/cloud/core": ["google/cloud-core"],
    "./google/cloud/storage": ["google/cloud-storage"]



modman clone
composer install --no-dev --working-dir=./.modman/googlecloudphpautoloader


To use Google Cloud PHP classes in your module, add <NickolasBurr_GoogleCloud> as a dependency: