Small piece of software that loads all .msg and/or .eml for a given path into memory and makes their content search- and readable.
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This small piece of software loads all .msg and/or .eml files inside a path into memory and makes their content searchable.


To use the program, a path where .msg and/or .eml files are stored must be passed as a parameter.

This could be as follows:

C:\JMsgReader\JMsgReader.jar D:\test\

Windows only!!!!11eleven (at least for now)
For more comfort, you can assign a file extension to the application.

This could be done as follows:

C:\JMsgReader\JMsgReader.jar -setassoc MyFileAssociation

This command will now create an entry in the registry, which ensures that after clicking on a file with the given extension, the application is started automatically. Now you can create a file like "Search_For_E_Mails.MyFileAssociation" and after clicking the application will show up and begin reading all the .msg files.


You need the following libraries to get this thing up and running.