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This repository holds the source for some Go utilities I use on my website. You can find a listing here. Just for kicks, I've licensed them under the AGPLv3.

notfound and figlet are probably the most fun. The former requires texlive, and the latter requires figlet and my package.

how the figlet tool works

where <---> is a socket and ==> indicates executing another program:

in production

    | tcp :80, :443
    | fastcgi (unix socket)
    |            ___________________
    v           |                   |
 toolbag<-------|-->execd => figlet |
           tcp  |___________________|
               systemd-nspawn container

For more information on the systemd-nspawn container, see the figlet README in my execd repository.

in development

./run => execd => figlet
  ||       ^
  ||       | tcp
  ||       v
  |====> toolbag<----------->your browser
                  tcp :8030

trying it out

to try toolbag:

# apt-get install figlet texlive
$ go get
$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go build
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ go build
$ pushd share
$ make
$ popd
$ ./run
$ firefox localhost:8030/tools

or, in words:

  1. install figlet, which the figlet tool requires, and a compatible latex distribution (probably just texlive), which you'll need for building the notfound images
  2. use go get (or plain git or whatever) to download and /execd. (execd is a dependency of the figlet tool. unfortunately, go get doesn't seem to understand the dependencies of subpackages, so you'll have to retrieve it by hand.)
  3. go build and (these are not typos -- the binaries are sub-packages)
  4. run the Makefile in the tools/share directory (toolbag/share, a symlink, points there)
  5. from /toolbag, call the run shellscript to start a minimal http server and an execd server.
  6. make http requests to localhost:8030 to enjoy life


dynamic tools for my website (github mirror)







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