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My Hugo Website

This is the statically-generated portion of my website, written using Hugo.

Getting Started

After cloning the repository and installing hugo, run hugo to generate the site, and hugo serve to run a temporary HTTP server at http://localhost:1313/. (Pages served by the latter auto-refresh while you're working; it's super convenient)


Atomically re-generating the site when pushing to the repo

When I push to a repository on the server hosting my site, it re-generates automatically! I wrote a blog post with more details.

Including recent git commits

The homepage includes recent commits I've made using content generated by a quick C program I wrote named gustave (github, cgit). Using a similar strategy as above, whenever I push to any of my repositories, a git post-receive hook runs, running gustave and then hugo to re-generate the site.

See my blog post for more information.

Note: as of October 2022, I removed recent commits from the front page of my website for career-change reasons, but if you want to see what the recent commits listing used to look like, you can try the Internet Archive.


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