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UnitTest++ README
Version: v1.4
Last update: 2008-10-30

UnitTest++ is free software. You may copy, distribute, and modify it under
the terms of the License contained in the file COPYING distributed
with this package. This license is the same as the MIT/X Consortium

See src/tests/TestUnitTest++.cpp for usage.

Noel Llopis (llopis@convexhull.com) 
Charles Nicholson (charles.nicholson@gmail.com)

Jim Tilander
Kim Grasman
Jonathan Jansson
Dirck Blaskey
Rory Driscoll
Dan Lind
Matt Kimmel -- Submitted with permission from Blue Fang Games
Anthony Moralez
Jeff Dixon
Randy Coulman
Lieven van der Heide

Release notes:
Version 1.4 (2008-10-30)
- CHECK macros work at arbitrary stack depth from inside TESTs.
- Remove obsolete TEST_UTILITY macros
- Predicated test execution (via TestRunner::RunTestsIf)
- Better exception handling for fixture ctors/dtors.
- VC6/7/8/9 support

Version 1.3 (2007-4-22)
- Removed dynamic memory allocations (other than streams)
- MinGW support
- Consistent (native) line endings
- Minor bug fixing

Version 1.2 (2006-10-29)
- First pass at documentation.
- More detailed error crash catching in fixtures.
- Standard streams used for printing objects under check. This should allow the
  use of standard class types such as std::string or other custom classes with
  stream operators to ostream.
- Standard streams can be optionally compiled off by defining UNITTEST_USE_CUSTOM_STREAMS
  in Config.h
- Added named test suites
- Posix library name is libUnitTest++.a now
- Floating point numbers are postfixed with f in the failure reports

Version 1.1 (2006-04-18)
- CHECK macros do not have side effects even if one of the parameters changes state
- Removed CHECK_ARRAY_EQUAL (too similar to CHECK_ARRAY_CLOSE)
- Added local and global time constraints
- Removed dependencies on strstream
- Improved Posix signal to exception translator
- Failing tests are added to Visual Studio's error list
- Fixed Visual Studio projects to work with spaces in directories

Version 1.0 (2006-03-15)
- Initial release