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blogprint - a blueprint for blogs with kirby

blogprint is a theme for the awesome kirby CMS, to kickstart a blog. It provides all basic features you need for a fully functional blog, but without any styling - only semantic markup is provided.


  • General
    • Pagination
    • Search (whole site or just the pages)
  • Posts:
    • Title
    • Date
    • Tags
    • Categories
    • Covereimage
    • Author
    • Avatar
    • next/prev links
  • Archive (each with count):
    • Years
    • Years and Month
    • Tags
    • Catgeories
    • Authors

If the archive is opened without any arguments, it will list all articles seperated by year without the text.

There is also a main menu which will show all visible first-level-pages and their visible children (except children for 'posts' - which is not visible on default) to add additional pages to the blog.


You can control some stuff in site/config/config.php:

c::set('pagination-posts', 10);: number of posts per page

c::set('pagination-archive', 30);: number of posts per archive page

c::set('pagination-search', 30);: number of posts per search page

Special snippets:



This snippet can list all metadata like date, author, tags and categories for a given post.


  • post => $post
  • date => true/false (default: true)
  • author => true/false (default: false)
  • avatar => true/false (default: false)
  • tags => true/false (default: false)
  • category => true/false (default: false)
  • class => string/false (default: false)


<?php snippet('post-footer', array('post'       => $post,
                                   'author'     => true,
                                   'avatar'     => true,
                                   'tags'       => true,
                                   'category'   => true,
                                   'class'      => 'my-class')) ?>



This snippet can list archives for dates, authors, tags and categories for all posts.


  • dates => true/false (default: false)
  • authors => true/false (default: false)
  • tags => true/false (default: false)
  • categories => true/false (default: false)
  • class => string/false (default: false)


<?php snippet('archives', array('dates'      => true,
                                'authors'    => true,
                                'tags'       => true,
                                'categories' => true,
                                'class'      => 'my-class')) ?>

helpful functions:

getPostUrl( $post )

Returns the wordpress-style-url for a given post.

getAuthorName( $username )

Returns the first- and lastname for a given username. If no firstname is available, then the username will be returned. The lastname will only be used, if a firstname is available.

getCoverImage( $post )

Returns the coverimage-img-tag for a given post, if a coverimage is available. If no coverimage is available, it will return false.


All posts are located under /posts, but this folder will be ommited in all urls.

Post URLs:

All links are in Wordpress-style: /year/month/day/post-title (for example: http://blog.dev/2014/12/24/lorem-ipsum ) and will be automaticaly routed to /posts/post-title internaly.

Archive URLs:

Archive for:

  • year: /$year/
  • month: /$year/$month/
  • day: /$year/$month/$day/
  • tags: /tag/$tag/
  • categories: /category/$category/
  • authors: /author/$author/