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AFL Video plugin for Kodi

UPDATE: Now updated for 2018 season, ALL subscription types supported to some extent.

This plugin provides a simple list of available programs from the AFL web site and allows you to stream them with.


This add-on is available as part of the Aussie Add-ons repository. Installation instructions are here.

For the latest (unstable) development version, install the Aussie Add-ons development repository, instructions are here. You can have both repositories installed without issue if you wish.

Once the repo is installed, install the add-on through the menu via System -> Settings -> Add-ons -> Install from zip file


You will need set your subscription type and enter the credentials for your AFL Live Pass subscription. Subscriptions obtained from or the free Telstra offer will need your Telstra ID. You will have this already if you bought from, but for the free Telstra offer you may need to create a Telstra ID and/or link your eligible service to it. Please visit this Telstra page to create a new Telstra ID or link an existing one with your mobile service. If you have purchased an in-app subscription from Google Play or Apple's App Store you will need to enter in a login token which can be displayed in the app, located at the bottom of the 'AFL Live Pass Subscription' page in the settings once you have logged in.

More detailed instructions and help for the Live Pass are in this document

The live streaming bitrates reflect an average bitrate only, you should ideally have twice the bandwidth available to ensure buffer free viewing.

Reporting an issue

For any issues or bug reports, please file them on the issues page.

Please include a link to your log output. Submitting a log file is easy - there is a menu option for it in the settings of the add-on. Just note the github issue number that is given in Kodi and put it in the issue ticket you create.


For help and support, feel free to register on our Slack channel.