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9Now add-on for Kodi

This add-on provides a simple list of available programs from the 9Now catch-up TV service, and allows you to stream them within Kodi.

The content is only available within Australia, but it may be possible to use this service outside of Australia by using Smart DNS or VPN geo-unblocking tools.

NOTE: If you are in Australia and are having issues streaming, you may need to disable any Smart DNS or VPN tools.


Some programs (generally non-Australian produced content) are not watchable due to Digital Rights Management (DRM) being enforced on them.

There is a way to enable DRM support (using Widevine) in Kodi and we have successfully tested this, but it is complex and not ready for general use.

We are optimistic that DRM support will be available out of the box after the final release of Kodi 18.0

We have a helper add-on that will be installed with this addon to assist in getting set up automatically to play DRM protected content however some hardware/Kodi versions will not play nicely at the moment (notably Android running Kodi 17, Kodi 18 alphas will work however)

If you're interested, please chat with us on our Slack channel.


Follow the Aussie Add-ons repository installation guide to set up the Aussie Add-ons repository.

Once the repository is installed, you can install the 9Now add-on through the Kodi Add-on manager by accessing the menus:

  • System ->
  • Settings ->
  • Add-ons ->
  • Install from repository ->
  • Aussie Add-ons (or XBMC CatchupTV AU Add-ons) ->
  • Video add-ons ->
  • 9Now ->
  • Install

The Kodi wiki also has a nice guide on installing Add-ons via the Add-on manager.

Installing directly is not supported, unless you have the Aussie Add-ons/XBMC CatchupTV AU repository already configured, as this add-on has some dependencies that must be installed before it will work.


For any issues or bug reports, please file them on the issues page.

Please include log output, if possible. Follow the log upload guide and include the URL it gives you in your bug report.


For help and support, feel free to register on our Slack channel.

Good luck and happy viewing.


9Now plugin for XBMC (beta)







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