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Jenkins appliance built with puppet + librarian-puppet

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Jenkins Appliance

In here is some puppet manifests and modules for building out a working Jenkins system on a single host.
You have a choice of two very simple deployment methods:

  • Capistrano
  • Vagrant

Capistrano is for building out Jenkins on a remote host.
For full usage help run cap -e go

cap go HOST=''
# browse to

Vagrant is for building out Jenkins in a local virtualbox guest.

#if not already installed
gem install librarian-puppet 

# bring down latest versions of the puppet modules
# only run this the once
librarian-puppet install

# build the box
vagrant up

# browse to localhost:8080


Vagrant requires you have Virtualbox setup and the vagrant rubygem installed.
You will also required to have a copy of the Puppet modules.
This is a simple once off librarian-puppet install before you start.
librarian-puppet can be installed with rubygems.
Capistrano requires you have a clean Ubuntu Precise guest (from anywhere, local VM, cloud provider etc) and the Capistrano rubygem installed.
Capistrano is able to take care of everything else and is the only requirement for this method.

Author Mick Pollard (aussielunix at g mail dot com
Copyright Copyright (c) 2012 by Mick Pollard
License Distributed under the Apache License, see COPYING
twitter @aussielunix
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