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- date: "Tuesday, February 21"
+ date: "Wednesday, April 11"
time: "7:30-9:30PM"
- url: ""
+ url: ""
location: "CoSpace"
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+title: "April Meeting - SNMP Device Emulation & Ruby with Brian Gugliemetti"
+date: 2012-04-03
+Fellow Rubyists,
+Our next meeting will be on the **new and improved second Wednesday** of the
+month: **April 11**, from [7:30-9:30 at Cospace](
+Our talk will be from [Brian Gugliemetti]( of
+Spiceworks, who is going to regale us mightily with tales of SNMP
+Virtualization with Ruby. It may or may not create entirely new neuronal
+pathways in your gray matter.
+Happily, [Spiceworks]( will be sponsoring our
+April meeting. They do great things for IT with Ruby right here in our very
+own Austin, Texas.
+After the presentation we’ll be pairing off to work through a brand new
+[code kata][1]. You’ll definitely want to remember your laptop.
+ [1]:
+Here’s Brian’s talk synopsis:
+> One of problems with writing code that manages a group of devices is having
+> a wide variety of devices to test against. Even if one has budget, space
+> quickly becomes an issue. Spiceworks wrote a SNMP device emulator to use for
+> both product support and regression testing. The emulator allows Spiceworks to
+> use a single server to create multiple virtual SNMP devices from
+> user-submitted SNMP walks to resolve support issues. Learn how to use Ruby to
+> dynamically manage multiple ethernet aliases and services on a single machine.
+Customarily, after our meeting, we’ll head over to [Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub][2] for refreshments and conversation.
+ [2]:
+We’ll see y’all there!

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