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A plugin to display your stackoverflow user info. No one likes their ugly flair.
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A simple plugin to display your stackoverflow account info

basic usage

  user_id: YOUR_UID

Advanced usage

// Well really not that advanced
  user_id: YOUR_UID,
  avatar_size: 48
  // And anyother options

Current Options

user_id                         #[int] Your user id for stack overflow
avatar_size                     #[int] Size in pixles for your gravatar display
display_avatar                  #[boolean] Display Avatar?
display_username                #[boolean] Display username?
display_all_badge_count         #[boolean] Display all badge counts?
display_gold_count              #[boolean] Display gold badge count?
display_silver_count            #[boolean] Display silver badge count?
display_bronze_count            #[boolean] Display bronze badge count?
display_reputation              #[boolean] Display your reputation?

more to come

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