📜 Browser Extension for your Browsing History. Built for Creative Programming 2.
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Sometimes you'd like to escape your browsing history, but like memories, they follow you to unexpected places. As they try to fit themselves to new situations, you might forget where they came from. Faint and fading, these remnants of your browsing circulate in your pages subconscious.

What works

  • Open a few tabs, click between them

What doesn't work

  • History doesn't follow you through links yet! Only through tabs.
  • Having multiple windows open at the same time. Only one please!


The goal was a prototype of the idea. From a technical standpoint, this is pretty inefficient.
If you are looking for a code sample, please look elsewhere (like here).


src contains the extension to be packed and loaded. Both the background.js and content.js are bundled with their dependencies.