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A social analytics service built for Twitter's Vine.
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Davine is an open data, open source, and ad-free social analytics service built for - and in no way affiliated with - Vine. Users can browse detailed profile history, discover new users, or sign-up to receive a free weekly email report on their profile's growth.

Built With

Davine is built with the help of many branded technologies, products, and services. I can't even begin to list literally every technology that touches Davine's operations, but here's a list regardless:

  • Go - a highly efficient and scalable language
  • Google App Engine - A perfect match for Go; a highly scalable and available PaaS
  • Google Cloud Datastore - A fast and highly scalable database solution by Google
  • Highcharts - An easy to use and highly customizable charting solution.
  • Bootstrap - An expansive boilerplate, enabling fast mockups and templates
  • - Used for various fonts.
  • FontAwesome - Used for various icons.
  • StatHat - A custom statistic monitoring service, used for performance monitoring and other stats.
  • Numeral.js - A JS library for pretty numbers.
  • hoisie/Mustache - A Go port of the mustache templating spec
  • btmills/GeoPattern - A JS port of jasonlong/geo_pattern, an entropic SVG pattern generator.
  • Vine - Kinda sorta. A social network where users can share six seconds of looping video.


Wanna contribute to Davine? Go right ahead! Fork this repo, browse the issues, and find something that needs a fixin' or build/improve a feature. Submit your pull request when your code is production ready and it'll be reviewed before being accepted upstream and pushed into production.


Davine is licensed under the terms of the MIT License. Full text of the MIT License can be found in the included LICENSE file.

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