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Releases: austinhuang0131/metagon


15 Dec 17:58
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Final release under BotBuilder v3. It has been increasingly difficult for me to update this project, but I'll try to find time to provide you the best services. Consider supporting me by reviewing my code and donate.

Thanks to all users for your continuous usage of Metagon so that I can improve on my coding skills!

For the next update, the version will be bumped to 3.0.0 while I start using BotBuilder v4.

  • Fixed 9gag
  • Fixed trivia correct answer issue

Changes: 2.1.8...2.1.9

2.1.8: Trivial fact! Cat ducking birds!

19 Apr 22:12
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yes ik the name is terrible

  • /catfact /trivia in Fun Category
  • /birb (or /bird) /duck in Images Category
  • Removing VK after it being non-functioning for most of the time
  • Decreased script weight

Changes: 2.1.7...2.1.8

2.1.7: More actions!

16 Apr 20:59
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Some addition on the anime action functions, along with some small fixes. C'est tout.

Changes: 2.1.6...2.1.7

2.1.6: Hey videos, go eat Mongos!

14 Mar 16:57
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Below are updates that I haven't realized that I've included them in the code:

  • Added a dictionary command but I don't think it's stable enough for public use, so proceed with caution and it's proven stable.
  • Removed everything about DataDog, we're not collecting your message counts anymore
  • Keyboard mode restrictions on Telegram groups lifted
  • Removed IbSearch

Changes: 2.1.5...2.1.6

2.1.5: Lining on the Russian ice

24 Jan 02:50
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Montreal had some freezing rain. So it's ice on the ground now. And the school is closed for the first time in like 2.5 years...

Changes: 2.1.4...2.1.5

2.1.4: Snakey dogwalker girls lined up

19 Jan 20:12
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A lot of bug fixes.

  • NEW Dog images! /dog
  • Removed IbSearch due to their temporary closure. Thanks to Skype user live:walkergross7!
  • Fixed Pixiv. (pixiv.js => pixiv-app-api) Thanks to the user above, again!
  • Fixed Snake command. Thanks to Kik user ATP ThePatron!
  • Line account trial (Failed, currently asking for help).
  • Viber account trial (Untested).
  • Restify => Express

Changes: 2.1.3...2.1.4

2.1.3: Fever lining on the gags

09 Jan 19:33
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  • 9gag changed their layout again. What a terrible website. So I decided to read their json in the script instead lol. Thanks to Skype user dandt_south for reporting!
  • Tried to implant Line version

Changes: 2.1.2...2.1.3

Also I'm having a fever when I fix this

2.1.2: Merry Christmas!

26 Dec 00:02
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Changes: 2.1.1...2.1.2

2.1.1: Some fixes

19 Dec 02:41
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  • Removed Discord version. In the future, Metagon's features will come back with another name on Discord.
  • Greatly stabilized the bot.
  • Added message stats (for myself)

Changes: 2.1.0...2.1.1

2.1.0: Raining upon swearings

28 Nov 21:10
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As v2 becomes stable, we finally left 2.0.x and move onto 2.1.x!

  • Metagon is approved by Slack on November 2.
  • Metagon is approved by Skype on November 20.
  • Metagon is approved by Kik on November 27.

We appreciate all efforts of support.

New features

  • (Fun) Urban Dictionary /ud <word>
  • (Utility) Weather /weather <location>
  • (Image) In Keyboard Mode, Pixiv function will now offer you an option to show all pages in a multi-page illustration. Suggested by Skype user kjh2420.


  • Better handling of commands, especially on Skype and Slack.
  • DataDog monitoring memory status (But no one cares)