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website for the @AustinJS meetup:

travis continuous build status

adding a new post

  • copy [_drafts/][] to _posts/ (optionally choosing a different name than meetup), where the date is today's date, not the date of the meetup.

    if the date in the file's name is the meetup date, it won't actually publish. idk that's just how jekyll works.

  • remove the README tag in the post's yaml front matter

  • set the when field in the front matter to an ISO-8601 formatted date of the meetup, i.e. 2019-04-16T19:30:00-05:00. not sure what this should be? run new Date().toISOString() in a devtools console, copy the output, and tweak that.

    also make sure the time isn't an hour off because of daylight savings time.

previewing changes

as some sort of cruel joke, in order to preview changes you need ruby. then run the following to install the jekyll packages and start the dev server:

gem install bundle # only needed the first time, may require sudo
bundle install --path vendor/bundle
bundle exec jekyll serve
open http://localhost:4000 # do this manually if you're not on mac

the post file name CANNOT be in the future, it must be the today's date or in the past.