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Sniffs the local network for DHCP requests, identifies the device owner, and plays their entrance song.


  • A DHCP server
  • A Spotify premium account
  • A Spotify developer key
  • Python 3


Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Create the database


If you haven't created a developer account and application, do so at For the return URL, you can use anything. I recommend just using http://localhost. We'll just need that for completing the authentication using Spotipy.

Set the following environment variables

SPOTIPY_CLIENT_ID=<your client ID>
SPOTIPY_CLIENT_SECRET=<your client secret>

Now run bin/entrancesong

NOTE: You might need to run this as root since it sniffs on your network interface.

If this is the first time authenticating, a web browser will open a prompt you to authorize your account against the application. After authorizing, you will be redirected to a http://localhost URL. Copy this entire URL and paste it back into the terminal.

You shouldn't need to re-authenticate unless the .cache-spotipy-user file is deleted.

As devices connect to the network and make DHCP requests, they will appear in the database's device table. You'll need to add a row to the owner table and the song table and link them using the owner_id keys.


  • Set a song to start at a certain minute and second. Sometime the best part of a song isn't at the beginning.
  • Set a duration to play so you don't have to listen to a whole track when you just want the awesome part.
  • Supports multiple songs per device owner to have one randomly selected.

Optional Arguments

  • --volume The volume percentage to play entrance songs, integer. Defaults to 70.
  • --device The device to play the entrance song out of. Defaults to using the device currently playing music.

Helpful Utilities

  • bin/devices - Lists all your devices connected to your Spotify account.

Known Issues

  • Can't fade out music played on certain devices (smartphones, tablets). You will get the following exception on these:

      Player command failed: Cannot control device volume
  • Can only return playback to albums and static playlists. Trying to return playback to something like an artist will raise the following exception:

      Can't have offset for context type: ARTIST
  • If no devices are currently playing and the --device option isn't specified, the following exception will be raised:

      Player command failed: No active device found
  • If your entrance song duration is very short, the fades might not work when transfering between devices.

  • Probably a lot of other weird bugs. I mostly wrote this for myself to allow friends to have their own custom entrance themes when they come over to watch a movie.


Plays an entrance song when you enter a building



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