Assets 2

This release is a somewhat large change which deviates from how the library was used in the past, library will no longer automatically initialize when your application loads. This decision was made in order to allow for more fine tuned control over the library operation and you can now pass an optional startOptions configuration object to control library behavior on initialization.

  var startOptions = {
    maxThreads: integer,
    cache: boolean,
    debug: booealn,
    persistence: boolean

At the moment only the above configuration options are available for your control, in later releases more options will be exposed.

Another notable change is when making use of the optional dataType argument the library will no longer automatically convert your input array into a TypedArray, you as the developer must ensure you are already passing the library the proper array type. The library will still ensure your final output matches the same dataType as you supplied in your arguments.

Finally this release includes many performance improvements and resolves some edge case problems related to the functionality.


Happy Hamster