Scala Mud Client with JVM-based Scripting
Scala Java Shell
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austinmiller added case object converter
Highly useful for parameterless ADTs in scala when reloading, like
those made to use state machines.

Later, should recursively reload if it's a case class with parameters.
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August MC

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August Mud Client is a modern mud client written in Scala that allows scripting in any JVM-based language (Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, etc). The focus for the client is to provide a clean interface and excellently written composable components and turn over the control to the user via the scripting framework.

On first launch, August MC looks quite plain. As users discover how programmable it is, it empowers them to create a complex UI with complete insight into the application and socket events, as well as the ability to code whatever they like using Java's vast library.


  • JVM-based scripting
  • Classloader Isolation
  • GMCP
  • MCCP
  • programmable window layout
  • IntelliJ's Darcula theme
  • first class MongoDB integration
  • perfect text processing
  • customizable telnet color
  • scroll splitter
  • a powerful framework
  • color triggers
  • auto-logging (also with color)



Client UI System Log Color Settings Mongo Settings