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Ruby wrapper for the Fogbugz API

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Ruby FogBugz API Wrapper

An attempt at creating a wrapper for the FogBugz API in Ruby.


FogBugz API Docs:

This is very much a work in progress. I needed to scratch an itch with an internal project and started on this. There are many functions of the API which are not yet implemented as a result. Please check the code to see what is done and what is not.

If you want to help out please e-mail Austin ( and he can add you as a collaborator.


You can install the gem from by using these commands:

gem sources -a

sudo gem install austinmoody-fogbugz-api


Example Usage

fb =“”,true) # create instance

fb.logon(“mylogin”,“mypassword”) # logs into FogBugz and sets token

mycases =“AssignedTo:"Austin Moody"”) # search terms just as in FogBugz

projects = fb.projects # get a list of projects

fb.logoff # logout

See the code and potentially the wiki at for more information.

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