February 2016 Lightning List

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Lightning Talks are short talks about topics relevant to the community (we'll probably do 5-7 minutes). Anyone can participate and it's always a LOT of fun.

12 spots!

Section 1 (7-8PM)

Please add Speaker Name, Topic Title

  1. Keith Gaddis, topic?
  2. Caleb Thompson, Hacker's Diet
  3. Jesse Kipp, topic?
  4. Nathaniel Jones, Rails-ey services with CloudFront and Middleman
  5. Max Holzheu, Vim tricks
  6. Scott Hudson, RTFM

Section 2 (8-9PM)

  1. Brandon Harris, TBD
  2. Matt Buck, Adding a voice interface to a Rails app
  3. Nathan Ladd - Tips to save your bacon.
  4. Matt Swain, Docker on Rails - An operational dream and nightmare.
  5. Scott Hamilton, Breaking the monolith with RabbitMq and JSONAPI
  6. Alexander Clark, Building with Rack