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June 2012 Lightning Talks

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Come on down and sign up! Just 5-10 minutes each talk!

Just drop your name, topic, and a way for us to get a hold of you (twitter, email, etc).

  • Your Name Here - Your Talk - Your Twitter or Email Here
  • Ethan Waldo - A personal perspective of what to test in a Rails app.
  • Darren Smith - The Values of The Rails Community - @ddarren
  • Mike Sluyter - Using Sublime Text 2 for Ruby/Rails development. @msluyter
  • Joshua Flanagan - Understanding Git - @jflanagan
  • Brian Soule - Realtime asynchronous - (this is me requesting this) @briansoule
  • Erik DeBill - Things We Learned from Scalability Testing Before We Started Jmeter - @edebill
  • Nathan Ladd - Practices for Better Pairing - @realntl
  • Adam Keys - Threads Ain't No Thang - @therealadam
  • Richard Schneeman - One Hundred Programming Papercuts - @schneems
  • Mike Smith - Adding a CLI to Your App - @evilmike
  • Joshua Baer - Top 10 tips for starting a startup today @joshuabaer
  • Steve Sanderson - Uh, yeah, you're working on the wrong thing... sorry @stevesanderson
  • Phil Ripperger - Making SSL Less Painful - @pdsphil
  • Matt Swain - Migration Hax (or how I learned to stop worrying and love MySQL) - @mswain
  • Nola Stowe - DevChix and how you can help - @rubygeekdotcom
  • Terence Lee - Rails Girls - @hone02
  • Charles Lowell - Ride the Wind: TDD JavaScript @cowboyd
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