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== RSpec Steps
=== ( or: why would I want to relearn how to write specs? )

RSpec Steps allows you to chain examples into a series of steps without having 
to go the whole 9 yards over to Cucumber.  It's often incredibly useful to be 
able to aseemble a series of tests that should all pass, but where completely 
isolating them is less than sensible.

One excellent example is web site integration tests.  With RSpec steps you can 

  steps "Add a user" do
    it do
      visit root
      page.should have_text "Login"

    it do
      fill_in :name, "Johnny User"
      click "Login"
      page.should have_text "Welcome, Johnny!"

Add dozens of steps to a set.  They get run in order, and the state of the 
tests isn't reset between them.  Better still, if one step fails, the rest are 
all marked "pending" so they don't even try to run, which helps speed up