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A Rails toolkit for creating applications optimized for Mobile Safari,
iPhone, and the iPhone touch. Based on the iUI look and feel library.
Contact the author at noelrappin at
This plugin uses jQuery to manage it's JavaScript needs. The jRails plugin
( is recommended -- it converts Rails
Prototype/Scriptaculous helpers to jQuery.
After installing the plugin, perform
rake tank_engine:install
to copy the public assets (images, javascript, and CSS) to the public folder.
Tank engine places an iPhone layout file in app/views/layouts/application.iphone.erb.
Controller Usage
The module ActionController::IphoneController adds support for recognizing
Mobile Safari as the :iphone pseudo-MIME type.
In your controller (can be ApplicationController) add the line
By default, the following requests are redirected to the iphone format.
* Requests with a user agent including "Mobile Safari". To change this
default, pass the option :ignore_iphone_user_agent => true to
* Requests which end in ".iphone". To change this default, pass the option
:format => <YOURFORMAT> to acts_as_iphone_controller.
* Requests to a subdomain "iphone". To change this default, pass the option
:subdomain => <YOURFORMAT> to acts_as_iphone_controller.
The option :test_mode => true will cause all requests to be treated as iPhone
To capture these requests, you can use :iphone as part of a respond_to block:
respond_to do |format|
format.html # show.html.erb
format.xml { render :xml => @feature }
The file extension for the view is .iphone.erb
The module TankEngineHelper provides a number of helper methods for creating
iPhone structures in your views.
When this plugin is installed, form builders have a new helper "toggle" that
creates an iPhone style toggle switch.
Copyright (c) 2008 Noel Rappin, released under the MIT license