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Dynamic Mount

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Peripherals++ will automagically mount various sample and full-featured programs which either demonstrate the features of certain peripherals or just do something neat ;). The programs mounted are dependent upon the peripheral(s) attached to a given computer under the "ppp" directory. These programs are automatically updated when Minecraft is launched, so you never need to update the mod to get up-to-date programs. It is stored in the "ppp_mount" directory in your mods folder.

Submitting Programs

This is open-sourced for a reason, community participation is much appreciated! If you want to show off a cool program which utilizes features added by my mod just follow the requirements below and you might be able to see your program included with the mod! Just note that I may modify your program if the need arises.

The Program

  • The program can only use features included with vanilla Computercraft and with Peripherals++
  • The program should have some comments (not a requirement but it would be awesome)
  • The program should not utilize the http api or any other features which are not enabled by default


  • There are two ways to submit; posting on the forum post or submitting an issue with your program (with a [Program] tag in the title)
  • While I know mistakes can happen please debug your programs


  • If for some reason you want your program updated, please either PM me on the Computercraft forums or submit an issue (with a [Program Update] tag in the title)
  • If you are updating your program, I'd prefer it if you use the version on this repo (located somewhere here) as I may have made some modifications to it for whatever reason
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