iOS drop-in library presenting a 2048-style game
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iOS drop-in library presenting a clean-room Objective-C/Cocoa implementation of the game 2048.




The included sample app demonstrates the game. Simply tap the button to play. Swipe to move the tiles. For additional fun try tweaking the parameters in F3HViewController.

Create a new instance of the view controller using the provided factory method, and present it. Or manually create and configure a view and model object, and bridge them using F3HGameModelProtocol.


  • 2048, the tile-matching game, but native for iOS
  • Configure size of game board (NxN square) and winning threshold
  • Configure custom cell and cell number colors
  • Choose between button controls, swipe gesture controls, or both
  • Scoring system
  • API for informing parent of game status/victory state
  • Pretty animations, all done without SpriteKit

Future Features

  • Better win/lose screens than UIAlertViews
  • Actual library (rather than raw code hanging off a sample view controller)


(c) 2014 Austin Zheng. Released under the terms of the MIT license.

2048 by Gabriele Cirulli ( The original game can be found at, as can all relevant attributions. 2048 is inspired by an iOS game called Threes, by Asher Vollmer.