Learn Swift by reading through and experimenting with playgrounds



A set of Swift playgrounds designed as a self-guided introduction to Swift's fundamental concepts.

Swift's playgrounds behave like an Xcode-based REPL or like Scala's worksheets. Enter some code and the results are immediately displayed. This makes them a powerful tool for learning and experimentation.

The worksheets in this repository are intended to work in conjunction with the Swift documentation for someone self-studying the language. Concepts are explained with working examples in code, which can be modified or augmented at any time to see what happens. If your changes break the worksheet, just delete it and check out a fresh copy.

The material that became these worksheets originated as part of a series of live demos comprising a class taught to a number of mobile developers and summer interns at LinkedIn. I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Neeraj Asthana, Kevin Choi, Raul Gomezcana, Benjamin Hendricks, Melissa Huang, Asa Kusuma, Benjamin Poyet, Kamilah Taylor, and everyone else who showed up, stuck through the class, and gave me lots of support, feedback, and suggestions.

All material is released under the terms of the MIT License. (c) 2014 Austin Zheng.