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Website Builder & Designer Meetup in Austria, Vienna • Wien • Vídeň • Beč

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Static is the New Dynamic // Jekyll • Middleman • Hugo • Metalsmith • Gatsby & Friends // Join Us (Free) // No Database Required // We ♥ HTML & CSS.

Happy New Year. Prosit 2018!

Free. Everyone Welcome.

Join us

Add yourself to the Vienna.html Members Directory - free; no database required - just some YAML ;-)

Past meetups


#6 - Tuesday, November 22nd

  • Markdown in Action: Building Courses (incl. Presentations, Pages, Handouts) for the Web and Print (PDF) w/ kramdown (webgen+Prawn) (Sample Course) by Thomas Leitner

    • Summary: How do you create presentation slides for a course and provide the information in various formats? The most obvious way would probably be to use a tool like Microsoft PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress which can export the slides as handouts. However, this is a manual process where some steps can be forgotten. And the whole thing is not really web friendly.

      There are other ways if you are a hacker and tinkerer. We like to automate things. By using Markdown as the source format

      • we can easily produce HTML slides using one of the various Javascript presentation solutions,
      • provide the contents as a normal HTML pages for easy searching and online viewing, and
      • provide a print friendly output format, in this case PDF.

      In this talk Thomas will show you how to combine the static website generator webgen, the Markdown library kramdown and the PDF generation library Prawn to do these things.

    • Bio: {{[ 'thomas.leitner' ].bio }}

  • Jekyll in Action Case Study - Inside Travis Foundation (Site Source) by Laura Gaetano (Travis Foundation)

    • Covers how to use datafiles (in YAML) e.g. projects.yml, how to customize your website theme and more.
    • Bio: {{[ 'laura.gaetano' ].bio }}
  • Jekyll in Action Case Study - Inside (Site Source) by Dražen Lučanin

    • Summary: Notes on Dražen's web development portfolio website - - e.g. tios on how to use gulp for image optimization; cloudshare for HTTPs (for custom domains on GitHub Pages) and Google AdWords tweaks to get traffic and more.
    • Bio: {{[ 'drazen.lucanin' ].bio }}

#5 - Wednesday, October 19th

  • Getting Started w/ Jekyll ('n' GitHub Pages) - Hello, Jekyll! 'n' Hello, Minima! by Gerald Bauer

#4 - Tuesday, June 28th

  • Using PostCSS with Static Site Builders by Max Stoiber
    • Bio: {{[ 'max.stoiber' ].bio }}
  • Real World Static Site Showcase I - Inside ColorSnapper - Changelog Generation w/ Metalsmith.js and a Custom Plugin by Andrey Okonetchnikov
    • Summary: An insight look about a hand-crafted Metalsmith plugin, that is, metalsmith-remote-json-to-files that lets you fetch JSON from remote URLs, transform and inject as files into the metalsmith pipeline and how it gets used to automate the changelog generation for the ColorSnapper site.
    • Bio: {{[ 'andrey.okonetchnikov' ].bio }}
  • Real World Static Site Showcase II - Inside Contentful - Turn Your Blog Posts into Facebook Instant Articles w/ Middleman by Rouven Weßling (Contentful)
    • Summary: Facebook Instant Articles is a new way for any publisher - including you ;-) - to create fast, interactive articles on (mobile) Facebook. Rouven will show how you can prepare and auto-build Facebook Instant Articles web feeds (in RSS) from your blog stories (in Markdown) with the Middleman static site builder as working live on the Contentful blog. Rouven will discuss alternative strategies and go through some of the possibilities and limitations of Facebook Instant Articles. PS: Rouven will start off with a short intro about what's Contentful anyways? And how you can use the Contentful service to manage your (static site) content.
    • Bio: {{[ 'rouven.wessling' ].bio }}
  • Real World Static Site Showcase III - Inside Chip Shop - Build Your Silicon Empire - Build A Cards Game w/ Jekyll (n Markdown) by Chris Ward
  • Why you would (not) want to build your own static site generator by Matthias Beitl
    • Summary: It's a brave new world of static site generators out there. So why would you write your own when this is your competition? We'll look into the pros and cons. And pitfalls.
    • Bio: {{[ 'matthias.beitl' ].bio }}

#3 - Tuesday, April 26th

  • Static site generating for podcasting with Octopress by Stefan Haslinger, Aua-Uff-Code Podcast (Site Source)
    • Summary: An overview of the current state of podcast publishing (problems, challenges, requirements) and how some of the issues can be resolved by Octopod, a static site generator (based on Jekyll and parts of Octopress) dedicated to podcasting. Stefan will go into details of secure and quick publishing (static, https, rsync) and show off some nice features of Octopod (Twitter, Disqus, Flattr + Podlove Webplayer integrations) in a live demo. Furthermore will encourage you getting started with podcasting via a minimal setup and introduce you to the Viennese podcasting community (Podcasting meetup, Biertaucher podcast).
    • Bio: {{[ 'stefan.haslinger' ].bio }}
  • Real World Static Site Show Case - Tierarztpraxis Kaisterstrasse (Site Source) by Richard Traindl
    • Summary: A insight look at a small business website for a veterinary practice in Vienna built using the Jekyll static site builder; uses a JavaScript picture gallery and includes some breakpoints for a (simple) hand-coded responsive (mobile) design.
    • Bio: {{[ 'richard.traindl' ].bio }}

#2 - Tuesday, February 23rd

  • Building Page Layouts with Susy Grid by Bernhard Benke
    • Bio: {{[ 'bernhard.benke' ].bio }}
  • Using Markdown (HTML "Shortcodes" in Plain Vanilla Text) with the kramdown Library and Tools by Thomas Leitner
    • Bio: {{[ 'thomas.leitner' ].bio }}
  • Building Books with Gutenberg - a Web Typography Starter Kit - and Jekyll - a Static Site Builder by Gerald Bauer
    • Bio: {{[ 'gerald.bauer' ].bio }}


#1 - Tuesday, November 24th

  • Static Site Builders of the Year 2015 Awards by Gerald Bauer
    • Middleman or Jekyll? Metallsmith or Wintersmith? Pelican or Nikola? Emacs or Vim? Let's look at the world's greatest (free) static site builders.
  • CSS Pub Quiz by Floor Drees
    • Test your styling sense. Fun guaranteed ;-)
      Bio: {{[ 'floor.drees' ].bio }}
  • XSL/T - Generating Static Sites Like It's 1999 by Sebastian Gräßl
    • Bio: {{[ 'sebastian.graessl' ].bio }}

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