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ebInterface development repository for XSD and XSLT artifacts
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ebInterface Logo

Development repository of the Austrian e-Invoicing standard ebInterface. For the officially released standard versions as well as the standard documentations, please refer to the ebInterface website

What's ebInterface?

ebInterface is a lightweight XML standard for electronic invoices, developed by AUSTRIAPRO, a subsidiary of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich). The goal of ebInterface is to facilitate the exchange of electronic documents between businesses (B2B) as well as between businesses and governmental organizations (B2G).

Since 1.1.2014 the Republic of Austria does not accept paper-based invoices any more and invoices must be submitted electronically using the ebInterface format or using the UBL format via PEPPOL.

Further information for sending invoices to the Republic of Austria may be found under

ebInterface XML Schema files

Using this repository, the development versions of the different ebInterface standard schemas are shared among the standard developers.

Currently, the repository holds the following XML Schema artifacts alongside with XSLTs and example XML instances.

  • ebInterface 1.0
  • ebInterface 2.0
  • ebInterface 3.0
  • ebInterface 3.02
  • ebInterface 4.0
  • ebInterface 4.1
  • ebInterface 4.2
  • ebInterface 4.3
  • ebInterface 5.0

Getting involved

ebInterface standardization meetings are held on a regular basis on the premises of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1040 Wien.

Checkout AUSTRIAPRO's website for a list of previous and upcoming meetings and further contact details.

💚 Pull requests are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

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