Hangman is a word guessing game built with ReactJS
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React Hangman

Hangman is a word guessing game built with ReactJS.

Check it out on Heroku: https://limitless-beyond-28378.herokuapp.com/


To run the app locally, clone the repo, install the dependencies, and run app.

$ git clone git@github.com:aut0maat10/hangman.git
$ cd hangman
$ npm install
$ npm start

open http://localhost:3000

Hangman App Screenshot

Basic Structure of App:

Word API:


  • Hangman.js: all state and methods to handle user interactions are stored here. State is passed to other components as props. TODO: refactor and clean up methods
  • Word.js: Responsible for displaying the word to guess, incorrect guess count, new game button, guesses left. TODO: split into multiple separate components.
  • Keyboard.js: Displays an alphabet keyboard where the user can enter guesses.


  • Refactor handleGuesses method into multiple, separate methods in Hangman.js
  • Break out New Game - button to separate component
  • Refactor and split into separate components, methods, functions where possible
  • Add hangman illustration for wrong guesses
  • Add responsiveness for long words
  • Add styling – check fonts, colors...


  • Allow user to change background color
  • Allow user to choose difficulty level
  • Allow user to use computer keyboard to enter guesses
  • Highlight guessed keys/correct keys on keyboard

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.