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A module that allows you to declare real exception classes in Perl
Perl Perl6

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This module allows you to declare hierarchies of exception classes for
use in your code.  It also provides a simple exception class that it
uses as the default base class for all other exceptions.

You may choose to use another base class for your exceptions.
Regardless, the ability to declare all your exceptions at compile time
is a fairly useful trick and helps push people towards more structured
use of exceptions.

NOTE: This module requires Perl 5.005 or greater.


** Perl5.6.0 and stack traces

Under Perl 5.6.0, there may be problems with stack traces.  I have
made the test suite pass under 5.6.0 because most of the module's
functionality works under 5.6.0.  Please don't email me asking why
your stack traces are screwed up, though.  If it doesn't work with
5.6.1 when that comes out then please let me know.

** The ->isa method and Class::Fields'

In addition, bugs in the ->isa method under Perl 5.00503 and greater,
combined with the module distributed with the Class::Fields
module, triggers a bug causing tests 9, 10, and 12 to fail.

** The ->isa method and Perl 5.6.0's

The same bug is triggered by the module under Perl 5.6.0

Note, the second two bugs can be worked around by replacing the line
that contains the call to the ->isa method with the a call to the
following subroutine:

sub _my_isa
    my ($inheritor, $base) = @_;

    my @parents = @{"$inheritor\::ISA"};
    while (my $class = shift @parents)
        return 1 if $class eq $base;
        push @parents, @{"$class\::ISA"};

The fixes for all the Perl bugs mentioned are already checked into the
Perl CVS (thanks to whoever fixed them :) and will be in the 5.6.1
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