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0.10 2012-08-03
- Fix missing prereq on MooseX::Types::Path::Class.
0.09 2012-08-02
- Added a Text::TOC::HTML->body_for_document() method. This returns the
contents of the HTML body without the surrounding <body> and <html> tags.
- There was a bug when a document's body was retrieved before the TOC
document. The document would not be marked up with the anchor targets needed
for the TOC.
0.08 2012-02-19
- Require namespace::autoclean 0.12. Fixes RT #73640.
0.07 2010-11-30
- Fix a load order issue with the latest version of MooseX::Types.
0.06 2010-09-04
- If a document contained lower-level elements before higher-level, for
example an HTML doc where the first <h3> precedes the first <h2>, then the
TOC generation code blew up.
0.05 2010-05-29
- I explicitly removed HTML::Tidy from the list of prereqs, since as of right
now this module almost never seems to install cleanly, and it's just an
optional testing module anyway.
0.04 2010-05-26
- Previous releases were missing some prereqs. Hopefully this one fixes that.
0.03 2010-05-25
- Anchors cannot contain anything but letters, numbers, and a few punctuation
characters. An anchor must start with a letter. This module now generates
spec-compliant anchors.
0.02 2010-05-25
- Added a compilation test, because if all tests are skipped cpan testers
report it as a failure (which is its own wtf).
0.01 2010-05-24
- First release upon an unsuspecting world.