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This repository contains a customized Auth0 dashboard implemented as a true RESTful system composed by an API (auth0-restful-management-api folder) and a React client (auth0-restful-dashboard-client folder).

The following articles describe the implementation details:

To run this:

  1. Clone the repo: git clone
  2. Move to auth0-restful-management-api folder
  3. Add Auth0 credentials to a new .env file created from the env.example file.
  4. Run npm install to install the dependencies.
  5. Run node index.js to start the server application
  6. Move to auth0-restful-dashboard-client/src folder
  7. Add Auth0 credentials to a new auth_config.json file created from the auth_config.json.example file.
  8. Run npm install to install the dependencies.
  9. Run npm start to launch the client application.
  10. Your browser should open automatically and show the application UI. If it doesn't start automatically, please open it manually and point it to http://localhost:3000


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