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Auth0 Account Link Extension

This extension provides a rule and interface for giving users the option of linking a new account with an existing registered with the same email address from a different provider.

NOTE: Please make sure you are using your own social connections (Google, Facebook, etc...) API keys. Using Auth0's keys will result on an 'Unauthorized' error on account linking skip.


  • You signed up with FooApp with your email,
  • You come back some time later and forget whether you signed in with your email or Google account with the same email address.
  • You try to use your Google account
  • You're then greeted with the UI presented from this extension, asking you if you'd like to link this account created with your Google account with a pre-existing account (the original you created with a username and password).

Running in Development

Update the configuration file under ./server/config.json:

  "EXTENSION_SECRET": "mysecret",
  "AUTH0_DOMAIN": "",
  "AUTH0_CLIENT_ID": "myclientid",
  "AUTH0_CLIENT_SECRET": "myclientsecret",
  "WT_URL": "http://localhost:3000",
  "AUTH0_CALLBACK_URL": "http://localhost:3000/callback"

Then you can run the extension:

yarn install
yarn run build
yarn run serve:dev

Running puppeteer tests

In order to run the tests you'll have to start the extension server locally, fill the config.test.json file (normally with the same data as the config.json file) and run the Sample Test application located in sample-app/ (create a dedicated client for this app).

Then, you can run the tests running:

yarn test


An extension aimed to help link accounts easily



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