Kinesis writteable stream for bunyan.
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Deprecated. Use aws-kinesis-writable

Kinesis writteable stream for bunyan.


npm i bunyan-kinesis --save


var BunyanKinesis = require('bunyan-kinesis');

var log = bunyan.createLogger({
  streams: [
      stream: new BunyanKinesis({
        accessKeyId:     'KEY_ID',
        secretAccessKey: 'SECRET_KEY',
        region:          'AWS_REGION',
        streamName:      'MyKinesisStream',
        partitionKey:    'MyApp'

Configuration Parameters

buffer (defaults to true): This library uses by default an smart buffering approach. Events are sent when one of the following conditions are meet:

  • 5 seconds after the last batch of messages sent.
  • 10 messages are queued waiting to be sent.
  • an entry with one of the following levels comes in WARN, ERROR or FATAL

partitionKey can be either an string or a function that accepts an log entry and returns a string. Example:

new BunyanKinesis({
  region:          'AWS_REGION',
  streamName:      'MyKinesisStream',
  partitionKey:     function (entry) { return entry.level + '|' +; }

streamName is the name of the Kinesis Stream.

Note: Amazon Credentials are not required. It will either use the environment variables, ~/.aws/credentials or roles as every other aws sdk.


MIT 2015 - AUTH0 INC.