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Connect is a middleware layer for Node.js
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Connect is an extensible HTTP server framework for node using "plugins" known as middleware.

var connect = require('connect')
var http = require('http')

var app = connect()

// gzip/deflate outgoing responses
var compression = require('compression')

// store session state in browser cookie
var cookieSession = require('cookie-session')
    keys: ['secret1', 'secret2']

// parse urlencoded request bodies into req.body
var bodyParser = require('body-parser')

// respond to all requests
app.use(function(req, res){
  res.end('Hello from Connect!\n');

//create node.js http server and listen on port

Connect 3.0

Connect 3.0 is in progress in the master branch. The main changes in Connect are:

  • Middleware will be moved to their own repositories in the expressjs organization
  • All node patches will be removed - all middleware should work without Connect and with similar frameworks like restify
  • Node 0.8 is no longer supported
  • The website documentation has been removed - view the markdown readmes instead

If you would like to help maintain these middleware, please contact a member of the expressjs team.


These middleware and libraries are officially supported by the Connect/Express team:

Most of these are exact ports of their Connect 2.x equivalents. The primary exception is cookie-session.

Some middleware previously included with Connect are no longer supported by the Connect/Express team, are replaced by an alternative module, or should be superseded by a better module. Use one of these alternatives instead:

Checkout http-framework for many other compatible middleware!

Running Tests

npm install
npm test


Node Compatibility

  • Connect < 1.x - node 0.2
  • Connect 1.x - node 0.4
  • Connect < 2.8 - node 0.6
  • Connect >= 2.8 < 3 - node 0.8
  • Connect >= 3 - node 0.10



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