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Built with Grunt


Mobile app used as a Ethereum 2FA token.

Quick Start

Before you start, tools you will need

  • install npm
  • bower and gulp (run the following commands):
npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp
  • install Android SDK (no need android studio)


Android SDK tools (v.25.2.2 or greater)
Android SDK platform-tools (v.24.0.4 or greater)
Android SDK build-tools (v.24.0.3 or greater)
Android 6.0 (API 23)
	- sdk platform
	- intel x86 atom 64 system image
	- google Apis intel x86 atom_64 System Image
	- Google APIs
	- Android support repository (v.38)
	- Google play services (v.33)
	- Google repository (v.36)
	- Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) (v. 6.0.4)
	- Google usb driver (v.11)
  • Add Platforms
cordova platform add android
cordova platform add browser
  • Create Mobile Emulator

    • open AVD MANAGER
    • click to create
    • fill the fields:
      • target (API 23)
      • CPU/ABI (Google APIs Intel Atom (x86_64))
      • Skin (Skin with dynamic hardware controls)
      • internal storage more than 1024mb or you can divide with in SDcard and internal storage (recommended total 2048M)
      • Ram (1024M)

Running auth0-login-mobile

Configure project:

npm install
bower install

Add generated ethereum-crypto's bundle.js file into the project:

  • generate bundle.js - consult ethereum-crypto/ for more details.

  • place generated file into the following folder: /www/js/modules/common

Run project

Run the application without emulation (ngCordova and push notifications do not work).

ionic serve

  • in diferent console execute

gulp watch

Run the appliction with emulator (ngCordova works).

ionic emulate android 
ionic emulate browser

If you want to live reload of js code or html code use this

ionic emulate android --livereload

If you want to live reload of scss you need to open in another console :

gulp watch

Build Project

In root Folder there are a file named google-services.json add this into /platforms/android to emulate or build in android (!important)

ionic build android
ionic build browser

the apk is in folder



Ethereum mobile authenticator app PoC




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