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Auth0 remote Ethereum authentication project deployment

The purpose of this project is to hold the Docker configuration required to deploy the entire Auth0 project with few commands easily.

Main project deployment

First, clone the project. The cd into it. Then run the following command


Put the private keys and certificcates in the keys directory

  • keys/certs/server.crt
  • keys/certs/server.csr
  • keys/certs/server.key
  • keys/rsa_keys/id_rsa
  • keys/rsa_keys/

This script will checkout all the required projects to the 'staging' directory. It may prompt your for your password.


This script will build the npm dependencies docker image along with all the other defined in docker-compose.yml. It will take some time.

Mapper contract Use version compiled on the testnet (Ropsten) with address → 0xf01f9d549b92e61079caad748471b0864e88e30f

Compile your own contract: Go to Copy the contracts click to create button to both contracts wait to have the address

Replace the following placeholders in docker-compose.yml:

  • MANDRILL-EMAIL-TO will be used in the "from" field of emails sent to the user
  • CONTRACT-ADDRESS with the mapper contract address. ex: 0xf01f9d549b92e61079caad748471b0864e88e30f
  • FIREBASE-API-KEY placeholder in the docker-compose.yml with your firebase api-key.
  • AUTH-SERVER-URL with the URL of the authentication server ex, it will be used by the frontend to send request to the authentication server
  • JWT-TIMEOUT is the JWT expiration time in seconds

Run the following script to boot an ethereum testnet node:


Wait till it syncs up with the testnet, so wait till you see this message: "Fast sync complete, auto disabling"

If you already have a synchronized ethereum container rename it to 'go-ethereum' and open the port 8545

Run the following script to boot everything else:


After everything starts properly run the script:


You are set!

Frontend will be available at url http://ip:3001/authzero Wallet will be available at url http://ip:3002/wallet

Remember to change the server ip in the firebase console before using the mobile app!


Deployment scripts and docker files



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